Vaginal and Rectal Dissolvables

Targeted Relief from Symptoms

Vaginal or rectal dissolvable medications include tablets, creams, gels, and suppositories. These dissolvable medication forms may provide faster, more targeted relief from certain symptoms and conditions since they are directly absorbed into the tissues and bloodstream. Since vaginal and rectal dissolvables do not go through your digestive system, this may also help alleviate symptoms of nausea or other types of gastrointestinal sensitivities.  


Vaginal Troches

Vaginal troches are dispensed in a square mold that holds 24 or 30 dosage units. With a few exceptions, square troches hold up to 200mg of active ingredients. Vaginal troches are most efficiently used when cut in half, as this allows the small rectangle to fit nicely inside the tip of a vaginal applicator preceding insertion. 

Matching the dose to the half-troche is a common practice. Different bases, including cocoa butter, are available. 


Vaginal and Rectal Suppositories

Vaginal and rectal suppositories come in bullet-shaped packs of 12, either in pink or blue, depending on what size is needed to accommodate the active ingredient. While troches are useful for smaller doses, suppositories allow for larger doses of active ingredients. 

Active ingredients are mixed with a base that consists of our proprietary blend of solidified vegetable oils and polyethelne glycol (PEG)-8. This base is hypoallergenic and melts easily at body temperature, making it ideal for vaginal and rectal dosage forms.