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Whether you’re looking for patient or provider resources about common conditions and compounded medications, MedQuest has you covered. Find helpful downloadable PDFs about hormone replacement, thyroid support, hair loss, LDN, and more on our Provider Resources and Downloads page.

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Learn How to Prescribe with eMedPlus

Specifically designed for compounded medications, eMedPlus makes it easy to order customized medications for your patients. This e-prescribing software can help you reduce errors, miscalculations, and delays. And, you can access up-to-date pricing and product availability.

Prescribing Compounded Medications with MedQuest

Whether you’re new to compounding, or new to MedQuest, we’re here to support you in prescribing compounded BHRT medications for your patients. We personalize the medications your patients need in a variety of different forms designed for convenience and preference. Depending on the type of medication, we may be able to offer your patients tablets, capsules, troches, creams, and gels – complete with delivery devices for easy application. 

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